Mai Littlebridge

Integrated Healing Practitioner

Hi! I am Mai. My mission is to bring peace to the world by supporting woman and man to have a deep look within themselves and heal, and bring them back to their empowered state. 

I believe that as long as there is an internal war within each of us, it's impossible to accept others as they are, therefore a battle outside of us never ends. 

I rather choose our strength to love than fighting against something or someone. But first, we need to heal and love all aspect of us to be that love.

After graduating the classical music college in Tokyo as a music composer, I relocated to Los Angeles in 2005 to find where my happiness is, and what it is. Because growing up I was feeling so much contradiction between the "success" in general and how it makes me feel. No matter how hard I committed to achieve some form of success, my heart never achieved happiness. 

I stumbled across Integrated Healing in 2012 when I was so desperate to heal the symptom that I had since I was about 7.  I was having so much difficulty breathing because my nostril was so badly swollen and pressuring from inside to outside of my nose for 24/7. I tried several doctors from West to East for years, all kinds of pills and methods, and nothing ever worked.

Then I tried Integrated Healing out of curiosity.

And in the session, a belief from my subconscious came up as a blockage that prevents my body from healing. And when I heard it, it kicked me off a cliff.

It was "I can't be happy while my mother is not happy", and the guilt that was associated with.

My strong will of wanting to feel happy, and my subconscious that stops the will from ever achieving it...The two contradictory energy created a blockage, and it appeared to my body as the symptom "I can't breathe".

After I released the blockage and balanced my energy with Integrated Healing, the symptom improved dramatically.

This incident made my eyes finally opened, and I immediately decided to take the course of Integrated Healing to learn more about the healing of the mind, body and soul.

After that my curiosity towards a holistic healing continued, and learned Reiki, Touch for Health 1~4, EFT, Access Consciousness Bars and Facelift.

They all are wonderful methods that works in our everyday life.

Since 2012 I've been doing the energy work but the result that brings still surprises me and I feel so blessed to witness people reclaiming their true power and shine!

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