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Who can have a session? Q & A 

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1 INTEGRATED HEALING Online Session (about 90 mins.)

US $190

1 INTEGRATED HEALING Face to Face Session (about 90 mins.)

in San Pedro

 US $220

Life Transformation with INTEGRATED HEALING

5 INTEGRATED HEALING online session series*

US $900

*Everyone's experience is different. But for me as a painful childhood survivor, the series of INTEGRATED HEALING session healed so many layers of my being gradually, and helped me discover my hidden potentials and really encouraged me to step into my own power.

As a total self-care, this is a great option.

Transform one step at a time. There will be 2~4 weeks between the sessions.

  • For Online Session, Mai will use her own muscle to read your body's bio-feedback system throughout the session.

  • There is no difference in the result between the face to face session and the online session.


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