Who can take an Integrated Healing Session?

Integrated Healing is a 100% safe, very gentle healing for everyone including children. Here are some questions that you might come up with.
  • A session for children

Please get a permission for healing from them. If yes, we'll send some information about things to make sure before the session.


  • Small children & children with learning difficulty

It’s OK not to focus completely during the session, but please be near the video so that we can ask if we need to hear some informations from them.


  • Special Forces 

This is not a talk therapy so it works without you saying any detail about what happened.

 But your participation as much as possible helps a lot for a practitioner to guide through.


  • Animals 

A session can be done on animals as well.


  • Healing for someone

We are not able to do a session without the person’s permission for it.

If a person is not conscious and unable to get a clear permission, we will test if the being would accept a session upon your request. 


  • Addiction for alcohol, drugs

If your full consciousness is not present during the session, your body most likely won’t let us do a session.

Please stay clear from the substance on the day of your appointment.