How is the Integrated Healing Session like?

Each and every session is different, some can be simple and not tangible like "oh my god, this is it!" -- some can be very emotional that involves lots of awareness. And all the session is held with no judgement of you or how it should work.

So the result is profound in any way. And in every session I feel awed to witness the wisdom of the person that leads the whole session.


During the session, we will 

  • Use kinesiology (muscle's bio-feedback system) as a tool to connect to your subconscious.

  • Look for the root cause of the problem, and/or collect the information that is related to the issue.

  • Clarify what you really want with a guidance from your subconscious awareness.

  • Identify and release the blockage that is preventing you from achieving your goal, and align your energy with the goal so that you can be in a straight line with your dream.


  • Reclaim your own power and take back the wheel of your life.

Integrated Healing is a simple, grounded, and powerful healing tool. I love that it can access the person's deepest blockages that can't be found by a knowledge or a talk therapy.

As an example of the Integrated Healing session, I'll tell my story.

I used to suffer from severe allergy symptoms for more than 10 years. The allergy suddenly started after I grew up, and wanting to heal it I tried many different types of pills but nothing ever worked. After years of trying, I felt hopeless about it.

And one day I had a chance to have an Integrated Healing session. According to my body, what was related most to the allergy was not because it was just how my body was, but the huge anger towards a person that I unconsciously suppressed for a decade.

That anger that I didn't even know that I had appeared to my body as irregular heartbeat, burning inflammation in my eyes, nostril and throat.

And the reason why I wasn't aware of such an anger was because I loved and appreciated the person so much so that I unconsciously suppressed my negative emotion to keep the harmony between us. It was something that "I should not feel". 

When I finally recognized and let go of the anger and balanced the energy of my being, all the symptoms disappeared and never came back.

If I focused on only the physical aspect of this allergy, the healing may have never happened.

Who can ever know that I needed to let go of the anger in regard to the allergy?

It was only my body, the subconscious that knew. 

It's beautiful to know thyself. Because it is you who are with you all time until you leave this world.


In Integrated Healing we do not diagnose or cure the symptoms but to look for the root cause of the issue and release them with love.

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