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Integrated Healing Practitioner Course
by Mathilda Van Dyk
in Los Angeles (English)
We will update about 2021 course as soon as we find out!

Integrated Healing is one of the greatest healing modalities out there.

It doesn't end with just "healing", but the healing protocol itself is designed to bring clients to their empowered state.

A former doctor of psychology Mathilda is a world-known teacher and a life coach who "downloaded" this modality after taking more than 100 courses of different types of kinesiology.

Its simple healing temple makes it easy for everyone to learn, and also compatible to your own practice to make the result deeper and durable.

In 2012, I took this Integrated healing course only because I needed a healing for myself, but now it became such a cool, powerful healing tool for my clients, family, pets, and children who benefit from it and I am so grateful that I learned this course from Mathilda.

During this super concentrated 11 days, each student will be learning to heal others, as well as given a completely safe place to deeply heal themselves by a powerful and loving support of Mathilda everyday. And with all the students, you will be witnessing miracles, and finding your own strength to shine.

I am very fortunate to join the class every year as a support and one of the Japanese interpreter.

I feel so awed in front of all the students who transform from feeling uncertain to be brightened and excited about their new possibilities!

Mathilda's class is full of wisdom, magic, tears, and laughter that makes me learn more every year.

I am looking forward to seeing you all in the class!

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