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Integrated Healing is a combination of many modalities such as Applied Kinesiology, Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Program, Meridians, Hands-on Energy Healing, Quantum Science, Life Coaching, Physiology, etc. Also its procedures include balancing physical aspects such as TMJ, Cranial, Brain Integration, Hip Rotation and so many more. 

It is founded by Mathilda van Dyk and Nic Oliver in 2006, since then it has been rapidly spread to 14cities world wide including UK, Asia, Europe, South Africa, Australia, United States.

It sounds somewhat complicated, but it is done in a very simple manner, 100% safe and gentle. It may look way too easy to believe something big is happening. But all is done in its "Hologram Set-up", therefore the correction can reach very deep into his/her being.

During the session, a practitioner monitors a subtle bio-feedback of the person's muscle, and access the subconscious mind to look for the energetic blockages that is the root cause of the issue instead of treating the surface level of the problem. 

In another words, the obstacle that is blocking us from being healed could be the programming that our subconscious mind runs. It most likely did work for our survival at some point in our lives, but often times we just keep carrying on the old pattern that is now preventing us from being truly who we are and living our highest potential.

And unfortunately, as Dr. Bruce Lipton says, the subconscious program is like a cassette tape and we can't stop it by telling the tape to stop. We have to press the stop button, then press the record button to over-write the program.

And that is what Integrated Healing is doing. We search the tape and stop it, then over-write the program with a new empowered state that the person desires.

Yes, finally we are consciously driving our life instead of letting the program driving our life!

The list below is a few examples of the healing protocols that come up in Integrated Healing.

  • Self-Sabotage/SurvivalBinging as a reward of diet. Trying so hard to achieve a goal but ending up in the same situation with a disappointment. Unconsciously sabotaging self. 

  • Negative Impacts of Amygdala Memories—— The Amygdala holds all the memories from the age 0 though the age 3 until the hippocampus grows to take over the role for memorizing. The information the amygdala absorbed in the first 3 years becomes who we are. Then it gives emotional meaning to every thing in our life, and it reacts to certain things "automatically". Unfortunately, if the program in the amygdala is negative, for example, "I become abusive when I'm upset", it still runs the person despite his/her will of not to.


  • Pain—— The place that has the pain often is not the place that is causing the pain. For example, a distortion in the spine can appear as a pain in the lower back, knee or ankle. In that case, even if we treat the pain in the knee the result won't hold because the knee is not the root cause of the pain. In Integrated Healing, we look for the root cause using the muscle's bio-feedback system.


  • Deep Level Switching ( neurological )—— A stress or a trauma can cause the loss of the communication system within the brain. As a result, the function of the brain loses its integration partially. The symptoms could be mistaking left and right often, having a very hard time remembering or learning things. In Integrated Healing, we release the stress that is causing the brain to lose its integration, and re-integrate the brain. 

  • Soul Integration—— When a severe stress happens, our soul can get fractured into pieces and we can't feel that lost part of our soul like it's not there anymore. In this case, no matter how much therapy or healing you receive, the effect will reach only to the part of your soul that is present. The symptom could be as if "there is a big hole in my heart", "I've lost a part of myself", feeling empty, apathy, depressed, can't connect with other people. 

  • Emotional Bruising——There are many types of trauma that is caused by a relationship between a partner, parents, family members, friends, or co-workers etc. It can be physical, sexual, verbal, or non-verbal, and the bruising gives damages to our being for years. The symptom could be the feeling of not being good enough, being unconfident, self-hatred, inability to trust people. In Integrated Healing, we support a client's being to release the trauma from the past relationship and accept herself /himself again, and reclaim the strength to build a loving relationship with confidence. 

Please refer to the website Integrated Healing U.K. for more informations.

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