Payment & Cancelation Policy

  • Please complete the payment through the invoice before your session starts.

  • In the case of emergency, if you must re-schedule the appointment please let us know ASAP. If you have already paid the invoice, we will credit the amount for the next appointment. 

  • Cancelation Fee  : 0% if you cancel up to 24 hour prior to your appointment.  We will charge 20% if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment.

  • For 3 Online Sessions, No Cash Back after the 1st session. It is for the same person only. It expires after 1 year from the 1st session. You only need to schedule for the 1st session upon purchasing the course.

Things to Know Before the Session

  • All of your information that may come up during the session is confidential. We will not share with anyone without your permission, ever.

  • During and After the session, please drink plenty of water (plain water, with minerals if possible) because your body processes lots of information. This supports the body to do its job.

  • The session is about 90 minutes but in some occasions it can take up to 120 minutes. Please give yourself plenty of time.

  • ​A call, especially a video call consumes battery. Please connect to the power source to avoid being cut off during the session.

  • Please refrain from taking a photo or recording during the session.

  • A session is a special time for your healing. If you live with small children or pets, please have them taken care of by someone to keep the room quiet and private to honor your spirit. Your being wants 100% attention from you!

  • We do not diagnose or treat symptoms, or suggest to replace a medical care. Integrated Healing is a holistic approach to energetically release the stress that is causing a problem to appear. 

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