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Q & A 

Integrated Healing is a 100% safe, gentle healing process for everyone including children.
Here are some questions that you might come up with.
  • For small children & children with learning difficulty 
    It will be the online session. ​Please ask them for a permission for healing.
    It is OK not to stay for the whole time of the session, but please have them in the same room for the first 15 minutes or so, so that I can ask a question if I need some informations directly from them.

  • For people who can't talk about the incident due to confidentiality
    We are getting almost all information directly from your subconscious mind, so it works without you saying any detail about it. However, your participation will help me to guide you through.


  • For animals 
    A session can be done on animals as well. It will be the online session. Your pet doesn't need to be near the video but I need you to stay with me during the session so that I can ask a question from you if needed.


  • A session for someone
    We are not able to do a session without the person’s permission for it.
    If a person is not conscious (i.e., in a coma) and unable to get a clear permission, we will test if the being would accept a session upon your request. 


  • Healing an addiction for alcohol, drugs
    If your full consciousness is not present, your body most likely won’t let us do a session.
    Please stay clear from the substance on the day of your appointment. 

For other questions, please email Mai at

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