Integrated Healing is a simple yet powerful holistic healing system that works Holographically on every dimension of the person's being.

Its broad protocols access the “difficult-to-deal-with" issues that other modalities often have a hard time with, such as Self-Sabotage, Cutting Negative Energetic Cords, Soul Integration, Inner Child, Clearing

the Negative Impact of the Amygdala Memories, Physical Dysfunction, and so many more.


It is a gentle yet deep healing for your body, heart, and soul to be free from the pattern that drives your life against your conscious choice.

Is now the time to stop reacting to life and start  

Creating Your Life?

How is the Integrated Healing session like?


When we allow the vulnerability and look deep within ourselves, 

there is no more excuse but love.

Behind the problem, there is only our possibility.

Integrated Healing Practitioner

Mai Littlebridge

When there is a physical, psychological or emotional stress within us, there are more than one aspect to it and they are interacting with each other.


When you feel sick, is it related to the body's structure?

Or is it the emotional stress? from when?

Or is it the food? Pollution?

Or maybe your soul is fractured?

Who knows?


The idea of Integrated Healing is that a people’s body = subconscious awareness knows what is the best for him/her, and their body is amazing enough to overcome anything with a support and their willingness to choose. And trust me, I’ve witnessed many examples of beautiful healings and a transformation of people who took the support of Integrated Healing. 


So-called “the answer is within you” is actually true in the reality.  

Integrated Healing simply uses your muscle’s bio-feedback system to access your subconscious mind, and look for the root cause of the problem whatever it’s a pain in your body or a life not working in the way you hoped, instead of trying to fix the surface level of the “broken part” which holds no answer by itself.


And this “muscle’s bio-feedback” may still sound woo-woo to some, even though many doctors, dentists, chiropractors uses muscle testing in their practice. I totally get it.  

Because it is after all, can’t be separated from our spirituality.

No matter how bad you think you are out of balance, your body simply points north. It's like a compass that never turns off.


What is left behind in this information flooded, fear-oriented world is the wisdom that our body holds in each one of us since we were born. 

And that wisdom has never been, and will never be lost.

Isn't that a relief? We don't have to panic and depend on authorities to figure out our life.


In Integrated Healing, together we tap into your wisdom and let it guide to your highest potential.

Let your true-self be free and shine!

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What people say

after the Integrated Healing session...

I had a session with Mai because I had this unreasonable reaction of hatred whenever anyone touches my body. That instant anger was just automatic and I reacted not only to my husband but also to my little children. I couldn't figure out how it started or how to stop reacting that way. The session turned out to be the healing of pretty much all my childhood and also the painful memory stored in my body that I never really had a chance to take a deeper look before. I had some awareness during the session, and after that the reaction stopped! I am no longer angry when people touches me, and I feel so much ease.    ——R.M. from L.A.

"Integrated healing session with Mai literally changed my life. I had been suffering with a major phobia since I was a child. I had just one session with her and I am still in disbelief about my transformation. I look forward to seeing her again soon to dive deeper into the layers of my subconscious mind and make more of the impossible seem possible."  ——J.P. from L.A.

"When I lost my dog, I felt like I'd lost a part of me. There was a big hole in my heart, and it never really healed even 9 years after. When I had

Integrated Healing, I experienced the Soul Integration, and that waves of love that I felt during the session was unexplainable.  I felt my dog's huge love that was beyond my grief and guilt, and I finally felt a relief inside of my heart. After that there was no more pain when I think of my dog and I feel whole again."    ——M.K. from L.A.

What kind of issue can I work on with Integrated Healing?

Anything that is Physical, Emotional, Behavioral, Mental, and Spiritual.

E.g. Chronic Pain, Learning Difficulties, PTSD (including Special Forces with confidentiality), Vision, PMS, Addictions, Low Self-esteem, Divorcing/Finding a New Partner, Guilt, Shame, Regret, Anger, Self-Sabotage, Feeling Lost, Painful Childhood Survivors, Soul-Purpose Seekers.

*Integrated Healing is designed to bring the person’s highest potential from within.

We do not diagnose, “cure” symptoms, or suggest to replace a medical care.


Integrated Healing


online / in L.A.

Healing for your Mind, Body, and Soul

Integrated Healing

Practitioner Course

2020 in L.A.

by Mathilda Van Dyk

11days of miracles. 

Heal, be healed, cry, laugh, and

be excited together.

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