When there is a physical, emotional, or behavioral dysfunction within us, 


is it related to the body's structure?

Or is it because of the emotional stress? from when?

Or did we eat something wrong? 

Or maybe something to do with our Spirit?

Who knows the answer?


So-called “the answer is within you” is actually true in the reality.

So, we simply ask your body what it needs with a profound yet simple technique of Integrated Healing.

It addresses the root cause of the issue and balance the whole aspects of our being (body, heart, mind and Spirit) and integrate them all instead of treating one aspect of the issue which may result in a limited level of success.


During the session, we will :

  • Use kinesiology (muscle's bio-feedback system) as a tool to connect to your subconscious mind.

  • Look for the root cause of the issue, and/or collect the information that is related to it.

  • Clarify what you truly want with a guidance from your being.

  • Identify and release the blockage that is preventing you from achieving your healed state.


  • You are now in the alignment with what you truly want!

If you have wondered therapy to another therapy for years, this could be "the missing part".

Are you ready to live with full of love, abundance, and infinite possibilities?

Would you give yourself the chance to change the reality that you thought was impossible to change?

Let your own wisdom shine on your path!

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What people say

after the Integrated Healing session...

I had a session with Mai because I had this unreasonable reaction of hatred whenever anyone touches my body. That instant anger was just automatic and I reacted not only to my husband but also to my little children. I couldn't figure out how it started or how to stop reacting that way. The session turned out to be the healing of pretty much all my childhood and also the painful memory stored in my body that I never really had a chance to take a deeper look before. I had some awareness during the session, and after that the reaction stopped! I am no longer angry when people touches me, and I feel so much ease.    ——R.M. from L.A.

"Integrated healing session with Mai literally changed my life. I had been suffering with a major phobia since I was a child. I had just one session with her and I am still in disbelief about my transformation. I look forward to seeing her again soon to dive deeper into the layers of my subconscious mind and make more of the impossible seem possible."  ——J.P. from L.A.

"When I lost my dog, I felt like I'd lost a part of me. There was a big hole in my heart, and it never really healed even 9 years after. When I had

Integrated Healing, I experienced the Soul Integration, and that waves of love that I felt during the session was unexplainable.  I felt my dog's huge love that was beyond my grief and guilt, and I finally felt a relief inside of my heart. After that there was no more pain when I think of my dog and I feel whole again."    ——M.K. from L.A.