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Welcome! We are offering
Integrated Healing
via Zoom & in Los Angeles.

Integrated Healing is a deep healing that connects all part of you (body, mind, emotion, and soul) and integrate as a whole being.

It brings you back to your True-Self—

love itself.


This healing is like Reiki, (I am also a Reiki master) it is designed to heal the person's whole being.

The difference between Reiki and Integrated Healing is that Integrated Healing uses the body's bio-feedback system (Kinesiology) to identify  where the healing is needed within the person's whole being with regard to the particular issue, and also includes the person's awareness in the healing process.

The result that 1 Integrated Healing session can bring is equal to or more powerful than 20 reiki sessions, and it works at least 20 times faster than normal therapies and other healing modalities.

In this session, we will access your subconscious mind by reading your body's biofeedback and let it guide you through the healing process.

(It is your True-Self that leads the session.)

Integrated Healing is recommended for people who are willing to look deep within themselves. Because sometimes what their True-Self shows is different from their own beliefs, and that gap could be the very reason why they feel stuck, or a physical/emotional issue appears.

But in all cases, your True Self (Spirit/Higher-Self) is always reminding you that you are more than what you thought you ever was, and show you the way to the happiest, and healthiest you, ever :)

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Hello! My name is Mai Littlebridge. I have been an Integrated Healing Practitioner since 2012 and have done over 500 healing sessions.

I met Integrated Healing when my 20 year- chronic symptom was getting worse and nothing seemed to make it better.

Since the age 7, my nasal passages had been severely swollen, completely blocking my breathing 24/7. After trying several Western and Eastern medicines for years I was told by the doctors that there is nothing they can do because I was born with this condition.

In 2012, my good friend recommended me Integrated Healing so I received the session for the first time.

In the session, what came up as a cause of my body's dysfunction was my relationship with my mother. I found out that I had this belief "I shouldn't be happy until my mother is happy" since the age 2 , rooted so deeply in my subconscious mind.

As a result of removing the effects of this belief from my body, the symptom which had not been improved for over 20years dramatically improved. 

This incident taught me the importance of including all aspects of our being related to the issue instead of taking care of only 1 aspect such as "body", for the healing to take place.

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A few examples of issues that
Integrated Healing addresses

Integrated Healing is packed with dozens of healing modalities from Ancient Eastern medicines to Modern Psychology and Quantum Science, and applies them according to a person's Chakra system.

By doing so, we can effectively clear the issues that are difficult to address with other modalities.

Here are a few examples:

  • Self-Sabotage/Survival —such as "binging as a reward of diet." Trying so hard to achieve a goal but ending up in the same situation. This unconscious pattern of Self-Sabotage leaves the people very frustrated, disappointed in themselves, and feeling powerless.

  • Negative Impacts of Amygdala Memories The Amygdala holds all the memories from the age 0 through the age 3 until the hippocampus grows to take over the role for memorizing. The memories the amygdala stored in the first 3 years becomes our pattern (personality/ attributes). It gives emotional meaning to every thing in our life, and it reacts to a certain situation automatically. Unfortunately, if the pattern in her amygdala is negative, for example, "I feel fear when someone is upset with me", she still reacts and behave according to that pattern in spite of her own will of staying calm.


  • Pain The place that has the pain often is not the place that is causing the pain. For example, a distortion in the spine can appear as a pain in the lower back, knee or ankle. In that case, even if we treat the pain in the knee the result won't hold because the knee is not the root cause of the pain. In Integrated Healing, we look for the root cause using the body's bio-feedback system.


  • Soul Integration When we cope trauma (i.e., loss of a loved one, shock, not living as who we really are) our soul can get fractured into pieces and we can't feel that lost part of our soul. In this case, no matter how much therapy or healing you receive, the effect will reach only to the part of your soul that is present. The symptom could be "there is a big hole in my heart", "I've lost a part of myself", feeling empty, apathy, depressed, can't connect with other people. 

  • Emotional Bruising There are many types of trauma that is caused by a relationship between a partner, parents, family members, friends, or co-workers etc. It can be physical, sexual, verbal, or non-verbal, and the bruising gives damages to our being for years. The symptom could be a feeling of not being good enough, being unconfident, self-hatred, inability to trust people. In Integrated Healing, we support a client's being to release the trauma from the past relationship and accept herself /himself again, and reclaim the strength to build a loving relationship with confidence. 

  • Deep Level Switching (neurological) —Chronic stress or a trauma can cause the loss of the communication system within the brain. As a result, the function of the brain loses its integration partially. The symptoms could be mistaking left and right often, having a very hard time remembering or learning things. In Integrated Healing, we release the stress that is causing the brain to lose its integration, and re-integrate the whole brain. This is good for people with learning difficulties.

​*Integrated Healing offers 87 different healing protocols, techniques and tools for each person's particular case.

Integrated Healing Q & A

The world renowned healing

The founder, Mathilda van Dyk, was originally a psychologist who practiced psychotherapy in South Africa. After her severe spinal cord injury, she was told by a doctor that she would never be able to walk again.

However, the rapid improvement in her condition after a kinesiology session led her to England, where she attended over 100 different kinesiology courses and other healing modalities.


While working as one of the top healers in the world, she kept searching for a fundamental healing rather than partial healing, with a simpler approach.

In 2006, Mathilda and and her partner Nick Oliver finally launched Integrated Healing in U.K. after 20 years of researching. Since then it has rapidly spread to 14 cities around the world, and in 2008, it became one of a few modalities that has received the Australian Kinesiology Association’s prestigious accreditation.

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Clearing the childhood trauma

Integrated healing session with Mai literally changed my life. I had been suffering with a major phobia since I was a child. I had just one session with her and I am still in disbelief about my transformation. I look forward to seeing her again soon to dive deeper into the layers of my subconscious mind and make more of the impossible seem possible.    —J.P. from L.A.

Clearing the fear of
public speaking

After I started working at a company, I became overly nervous about speaking in public, and I couldn't say what I wanted to say even in front of just a few people at a meeting. My job sometimes requires me to speak in front of large groups of people, but I was nervous and depressed just thinking about it.

After receiving Integrated Healing online session from Mai, I conducted a training session in front of 150 participants, but I was able to accomplish it as my usual self! I was calm even when the technical issue occurred, and received many compliments from the participants.  Thanks to the session!   M.N. from Tokyo

More testimonials...

・Chronic physical issues improved

・Panic attack in small spaces and crowded places cleared

・Severe menstrual pain dramatically improved

・Long-standing hatred for my husband has disappeared
・The habit of making mistakes on the stage disappeared, now I can perform at my best.

・Deep awareness from the subconscious mind

・Improved relationship with my children/parents

・Cleared self-doubt and found what I really want in life

・I was depressed for 2 years after the death of my mother, but after integrating my soul in the session, I regained my happiness for the first time.

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at
Clearing the feelings of
not good enough 

For a long time, I'd always had this feeling "I'm not good enough." Even if there was something I wanted to do, I didn't feel like I could do it, so I always avoided it and felt frustrated later on.

In the session, my subconscious mind showed me the cause of my pattern which was guilt towards my mother for giving up on her own dream and staying home. Then I realized that I had been stifling my true self because I unconsciously had this belief that my pursuing dream would deny my mother's way of life.

With the support of Integrated Healing, I was able to let go of the belief and reconnect with myself in a loving way. I no longer push myself away from who I really am.

Now I'm so happy that I finally started to do what I've always dreamed of pursuing. Also, I am amazed that my mother's harsh sarcasm towards me has completely stopped after that session!  It is very interesting that her behavior changed after I released my belief.

H.M from L.A.

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Clearing the skin's irritation

A few years ago, my skin started to get irritated badly whenever I ate sweets. I tried some medicines but it wasn't doing good, so I decided to have an Integrated Healing session about it.
In the session, the information that came out of my subconscious mind about the problem was "my previous boyfriend".
As soon as I heard that, I remembered that I used to share a pastry filled with jam with him whom I loved very much.
We broke up because he cheated on me, but I realized that I was still feeling angry and sad somewhere in my heart even years after.
So every very time I ate something sweet, my subconscious mind reminded me of that painful experience.
In the session, I was able to release the feelings and restore the balance within myself.
Since that day, my skin has not become inflamed at all, even when I eat sweets.    —I.T. from L.A.

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Integrated Healing

Online Session

via Zoom 60~120mins. US$250

I will be reading your body's bio-feedback in distance, and be the "interpreter" between you and your subconscious mind (where your true self resides). You will be guided to participate in the session.


A deep healing

for your soul

—5 Integrated Healing

online sessions

US$200/5 months subscription

Each person's experience is different. However, for me as a painful childhood survivor, a series of Integrated Healing sessions greatly helped me to heal my wounds one by one, which had affected many areas of my life.

By integrating my whole being, I was able to reclaim my true power, gain confidence, and awaken to my unique abilities that I had never noticed before. The guidance from my Spirit at each session was woven into my everyday life, and created a new reality that I couldn't create by myself before.

As a total self-care, this is a great option.


Integrated Healing

Face to face session

in san pedro

60~120mins. US$250

The healing room is located in San Pedro, 90732. I will be lightly touching your wrist to read your body's bio-feedback during the session.

There is no difference in the results of face to face sessions and online sessions, but it is always nice to see you in person :)

Hours: Wed. & Sun. The session starts at 11:30/14:00/16:30

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